✨ Girls Code Nights @ GS are free programming workshops in Java organized by Goldman Sachs in Warsaw. These lessons are perfect for university students and women who are developing their careers.

This year’s course, “Not so basic Java in practice” is for those who have basic knowledge of Java. During the workshops, we will focus on what’s new in Java’s latest versions (8-11) – including streams and lambda expressions.

We will also touch upon topics such as clean code, as well as profiling applications. Lessons will include a little bit of theory, a lot of practice!

Where: Goldman Sachs office, Warsaw Spire, Warsaw
When: every Wednesday from March 13 to April 10, 6-8pm (5 lessons)
What: Java 8-11: Lambdas, streams, collections, clean code, application’s profiling

*Lessons will be led in English*

BYOD: Bring your own device (laptop)
You should have your own laptop with Java SE Development Kit 11 and chosen development environment (ex. IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse) installed.
The number of participants is limited.
Have any questions? Write to us: info@girlscodefun.pl